Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hit a roadblock

The house is coming along fine but we ran into issues with the CUSD and have to find a home in Cupertino to move into in the next 10 days. We found a 3bd/2b apartment in Cupertino called the Hamptons (next to the Apple campus) and later found out that it was not in the CUSD district! So the hunt continues into the weekend where we have to view several homes and felt nervous that they might not rent to us because we are on a short term lease (while waiting for our home to complete).

Ethan being a very observant boy came up with a suggestion,
Ethan: "Mom why don't we stay in a hotel"
Dad: "Ethan but hotels are very expensive"
Ethan: "Then we can stay in a motel ?"

Ethan came up to mommy and said, "Mom if you don't have enough money you can have all my money. I have $13. Everytime my grandpa calls me Lucas he has to give me 25cents."

Friend: Wow then your grandpa must have made many mistakes then.

Love how sensitive this boy is, he must have felt the stress and worry that we might be homeless.
Sweet sweet Ethan. #this is 5

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

You are so lucky

MOM: In her usual dramatic voice . Ethan you are so lucky that your mommy cook for you. Some mommy don't cook.
ETHAN: Some daddy cook
MOM & DAD Lol.. Daddy guilty as charged

Friday, February 5, 2016

Did you take my toys?

Ethan: Ni you Mei you na wo de wan zhu zho? 
Nanny: wo Mei yo na 
Ethan: na ze kuai le 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Play with me

It has been 3 months and Ethan has gotten the new ah Ye wrapped around his finger by now. Ah Ye was cooking and he wanted her to play with him. 
Ah Ye: I'm busy cooking
Ethan: Your food don't taste good anyway, and I am not going to eat it. You can come and play with me now. 

Mommy had a talk with both of them that they need to work on correcting his behavior , no crying and screaming to get stuff. Please use your words. Until his behavior improves they are not allowed to do crafts at home. 

Mom came home from work that day. 
Mom: Ethan were you a good boy today?
Ethan: Mom I am trying but I can't . I have a cough . 

Friday, November 27, 2015

I, 2, 3

Having korean BBQ with BC & Family. Hsu Han and Tina just came back from Taiwan.
Tina: Ethan , Uncle Hsu han learned how to count 1,2,3 in chinese. Hsu han count
Hsu Han: I, er, san, shi...
Tina: Do you know how to count in Chinese ?
Ethan: I know how to count when I was a  baby.. LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First heartbreak

Ethan getting introduced to a new nanny

Ethan: I'm sad mommy because my Sam Jose ah Yee go away
New nanny gave Ethan a small candy bar that he was holding tightly to. 

Ethan: mom I want to keep this for when my old ah Yee come back. I will share with her. 

Mommy was feeling sad as well. 

Ethan: mommy why are you sad? 
Mom: I am sad because you are sad Ethan 
Ethan: mom I am not sad anymore because my new ah Yee is here. 

He already know how to empathize and console at 3

Day3 : woke up crying all night. This is Thursday morning face before going to school

Ethan says " mom don't take my picture "

Day 4 : Tonight Ethan took the photo frame we made for him with pictures of ah Ye and him. Looked at it for a while and decided to open the trash and dump it. I guess it is his way of coping. We are glad the new nanny is working out great so far.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reunited and it feels so good

Ethan and Sophie was so excited to see each other again after we spend a week in Portland. They played non stop from the minute we met up at ramen place until 11:30pm. Way passed their bedtime. 

Mom: Alright Ethan and Sophie time for bed . You want to give each other a hug?

Ethan: Mom I want to go back to Portland, in done with Seattle 

Lol where does he find these things to say.